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To Your Healing Hands Massage Therapy. We are glad that we've found you. We are certified-professional experience Medical Massage Therapist, Make-Up Artist, & Aesthetician. We've been in business for over 28 years, and we want you to know about the wonderful things massage, make-up & body care have to offer to you.
Aren't you tired of your headaches, backaches, neck aches, wrist aches, unwanted hair, blackheads, whiteheads, scars hair bumps and stress at work? Don't you wish you had the time to receive a nice relaxing massage or facial or body scrub? Wow, do Your Healing Hands have the solution for you. We've found a solution to totally relaxation, pampering, and pain elimination.
Did you know massage is something we all do naturally everyday of ones life? Whether it's rubbing ones aching feet or stroking ones eyebrow, we all try different ways to alleviate ones aches and pains.
The specialty of massage is simplicity itself - what could be simpler and more rewarding than being touch by someone to make one feel better? It is a highly developed skill that has evolved over many centuries into one of the most popular complementary therapies.
Massage can be adapted to individual needs, and most importantly, it makes both the receiver and the giver feel good. Whatever ones age or condition, there's a form of massage that can alleviate ones suffering, help one to relax, and generally improve the quality of ones life. At Your Healing Hands we specialize in Pregnancy, Prenatal, Infant, Critically, Scalp, Face, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Lymph Drainage, Chair, Cryotherapy, Neuromuscular, Trigger-Point, Cranial Sacral, Hot Stones, Sports, Medical, Swedish, Energy Massage Therapy. Read more about our facials, make-up & body care on our site. We also offer Aesthetician work!

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